Hydraulic Polygon Turning Machine

For producing components with polygonal or non-circular cross-sections, the Hydraulic Polygon Turning Machine is the most effective tool manufactured and supplied by our company. It utilizes hydraulic systems to drive the cutting tools and control the machining process. Get in the best price range according to industrial needs in the best price range. 

Turning Machine Applications:

  • Manufacturing of hydraulic fittings and connectors
  • Production of specialized fasteners (bolts, screws, and nuts)
  • Automotive industry that producing components like drive shafts, axles, and transmission parts

Product Details:

Type Of Machine Turning Machine
Material Mild Steel
Machine Type Horizontal Or Vertical Layout
Quality High Quality
Spindle Speed Adjustable Rotation Speed Of Workpiece
Driven Type Hydraulic
Tooling Dedicated Cutting Tools For Specific Polygon Shapes
Automation Level Manual, Semi-Automatic
Surface Finish Painted
Chip Removal System Mechanism For Collecting And Removing Metal Chips Generated
Safety Features Emergency Stop Button, Guards, Interlocks
Number Of Axes 3-Axis Or 5-Axis
Used For Aerospace, Automotive Industries
Features Easy Programming, Hard Structure, Reliable, Fine Finished, Durability
Manufacture By United Product Developers
Country Of Origin India
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