Manvel Polygon Turning Machine

Manvel Polygon Turning Machine is precise and fine equipment used for various turning practices in industries. It's preciseness and high efficiency helps in producing components such as shafts, axles, hydraulic fittings, connectors, and many others. Buy in the best price and with excellent quality measures.

Product Details:

Type Polygon Turning Machine
Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Quality Best Quality
Screw Type Helical, Ribbon, U-Shaped
Speed 10 RPM To 300 RPM
Material Handling Automated Or Manual Loading
Drive System Electric Motor, Gear Reducer
Surface Finish Polished
Control System CNC Controller With Programming Capabilities
Axis Style Rotary Axis
Automation Level Manually Operated Or Fully Automated
Safety Features Overload Protection, Guards, Emergency Stop Switches
Application Automotive, Tools Manufacturing, Construction Use
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Features Easy To Install, Versatile Design, Reusable, Unbreakable, Durability Etc
Manufacture By United Product Developers
Origin Country India
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