Universal Joint

Universal Joints, Or U-joints, offer mechanical couplings used to transmit rotary motion between two shafts that are not aligned with each other. They provide flexibility and compensate for angular misalignment, allowing torque to be transmitted through a variable angle. More apart, we offer complete testing along with fine testing by our engineers. Its price range and customer's need ability are available accordingly in a well-packed manner.

Product Details:

Type Joint
Material Steel, Stainless Steel
Colour Grey, Silver, Black
Angle Range 15° To 45° For Each Joint
Surface Treatment Galvanized
Pattern Solid
Maintenance Regular Lubrication, Replacement When Worn & Damaged
Sealing Type Seals Prevent Lubricant Contamination
Bearings Type Ball Bearings, Needle Bearings
Technique Machine Made
Rust Proof Yes
Suitable For Automotive Drive Trains, Industrial Machinery, Robotics
Features Compact Design, Flexibility, High Performance, Crackable, High Torques Etc
Condition New
Supplier United Product Developers
Origin Made In India
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